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National Mint & Treasury – Offers Up Last State Restricted Morgan Silver Dollar Bank Rolls

National Mint & Treasury, a privately owned US company specializing in minted precious metal products for the collectibles market, is extremely pleased to present a unique opportunity for select state residents. This exclusive offer will run for only two days and will make available to the public the last remaining State Restricted Bank Rolls loaded with valuable US government-issued Morgan Silver Dollars dating back to the 1800s. These forever retired coins cannot be obtained anywhere else rolled this way because National Mint & Treasury has the privilege of offering the only State Restricted Bank Rolls known to exist.

“Once our advertisement is published, state residents will have 48 hours to call the National Toll Free Hotline and claim their Morgan Silver Dollar Bank Rolls, benefiting from an incredible bargain price. Those who make the deadline will have to cover only the $59 per coin state minimum set by the National Mint & Treasury, which means they will pay just $590 for ten rarely seen coins worth up to 100 times their face value. In contrast, non-state residents will have to spend $136 per coin, or $1,360 per Morgan Silver Dollar Bank Roll, and that is if any remain to be bought. We expect overwhelming interest in this exceptional offer, so we urge people to act quickly. However, in order to give as many state residents as possible the opportunity to benefit from it, we have instituted a maximum limit of four Bank Rolls,” National Mint & Treasury explains.

According to the company, the very existence of these State Restricted Bank Rolls is something of a miracle. Even retired US Treasurers report to have encountered only a handful of the rarely seen Morgan Silver Dollars issued by the government in the 1800s, and collectors who buy the rolls on offer will gain possession of valuable coins in pristine condition. They can potentially unearth a treasure in their haul – The Official Red Book: A Guide Book of United States Coins puts the collector’s worth of many Morgan Silver Dollars minted in the 1800s at between $125 and $1,000 per coin. While there are no guarantees of what lies within these unsearched ten-coin bank rolls, some buyers may be so lucky as to end up with a Morgan Silver Dollar, whose collector value is estimated at hundreds or even thousands of dollars. National Mint & Treasury points out that even the lesser-known coins from that period could still be worth a small fortune in collector value since these are no ordinary coins – aside from being very old, they have been forever retired by the United States government, and there is no way to obtain them rolled like this elsewhere because these are the only State Restricted Bank Rolls known to exist.

Based in Canton, OH, National Mint & Treasury is a specialist dealer in collectible coins, currency, and precious metal products with thousands of satisfied customers within the dedicated collector community. The company notifies potential buyers of its offers via the use of full-page advertisements printed in newspapers across the country. National Mint & Treasury has no affiliation to any United States government agency or bank.

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